I’ve succeeded!

A new art piece with some inspiring words of my own. I hope my actions inspire others like those who have inspired me.


Wee Mavis! #2 random act of kindness. February!

A small poem of my second random act of kindness.

I hope for hope!!

A short poem of hope, positivity and gratitude!

Today I’m grateful for…

Today I’m grateful for the importance of life...

Still to come!!

Inspire me, I dare you!!

A different kind of post. Let’s smile, be happy, breathe, be joyful, grateful, be awesome. I dare you, Inspire me!

Goodbye Jacko!

It's with great sadness I write this small statement and although the little shite drove me crazy at times, he was still my boy. Heartfelt pain and great guilt, Andrew and I made a joint decision that our Boy Jack will be rehoused for his own welfare and happiness. It's been unfortunate due to my… Continue reading Goodbye Jacko!