Victim Support!

A short poem of my experiences of historic child abuse and written in my own words of I how I suffered, seeked the appropriate help by Victim Support and became a survivor.


Rise up

Dedicated to the one I love, those close and far, the suffering, dying and poor... let me inspire you !

New Year Resolution!

Regretting last years resolutions , l have set myself new year resolutions, those I’ve mentioned and those that could still be on the agenda.

Hiding when exposing!

A poem were I try to hide my mental health, but expose it through writing.

A Smile That Makes Cambodia!

Siem Reap, Cambodia. The hustle and bustle of the hectic traffic, with tuk-tuks and bikes manovering around the bare footed characters of Cambodia, inbetween backpackers and tour guides, I found the culture enlightening and the experience already incredile. The smiles on the locals face's and the many walking around without shoes and mopeds with medical… Continue reading A Smile That Makes Cambodia!


2017: what a year, what a great struggle and what a blessing i've survived and in recovery. I don't want to lie and tell you that I feel great, because that isn't the case, but I sincerely try my damnedest to work towards full recovery and some days is a struggle and other days I… Continue reading Rebekah