New adventures!

Hi Guys, Firstly I would like to apologise for being quiet recently. I have been really busy over the last couple of months seeking recovery, writing freehand and trying to keep on top of 356485 appointments almost daily, not to mention I have been on two pretty amazing vacations whilst trying to work on new… Continue reading New adventures!


Mental Health awareness

Help support me support men and young adults fighting mental health illness.

My story: The Troubles and Me

A short story of my experiences living in Belfast during my childhood in the 90s and noughties at the time of conflict between catholic and protestant, which was also known as ‘The Troubles’.

Insta Love

I’m the luckiest guy to have my wee pocket rocket by my side, my hottie scotty is all I need in life. There is just not enough words in this world to express how much I actually love him! 😘