The Untold Heroes!

A poem about our untold heroes of the NHS, written and dedicated to all those who are employed and devote their time and best efforts to treat those ill and the many lives our heroes have saved!


Poetry: ‘Our Soldiers’ By James Keenan | Down News

A poem dedicated to those who battled in World War I & II

My story: The Troubles and Me

A short story of my experiences living in Belfast during my childhood in the 90s and noughties at the time of conflict between catholic and protestant, which was also known as ‘The Troubles’.

Insta Love

I’m the luckiest guy to have my wee pocket rocket by my side, my hottie scotty is all I need in life. There is just not enough words in this world to express how much I actually love him! 😘

Little Sisters

I can’t voice or show anymore gratitude towards my four baby sisters. The apples of my eye, my inspirations and my best friend. I’m proud to be their big brother.

The Secret

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne